FREE VISA Card: Another Way of Getting Paid For Your Home Based Business/Job

We have written about the ever popular PayPal and a few other payment options. This one is a bit different. For one, it's cheaper ($5 fee for a remittance of $1,000) and faster (instant) for the one sending the payment. You also get to have a VISA card delivered to your home- FREE.

Isn't this a cool way to receive payments for your home based business or jobs?

Sign up by clicking on the banner below and that's it. You may also bookmark this page and tell your employer or clients to sign up here and send the money 24/7 through iKobo. All they have to do is sign in to their iKobo account and send you your money.

iKobo - Convenient Money Transfer

Your money can be verified and withdrawn through over 1 million ATM machines with the VISA logo, worldwide.

You can also use iKobo to send money to anyone worldwide.


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