Starting a moving service

I once availed the services of a New York Moving Company and suddenly realized the business potential of such service. With so much unemployed labor all around, it will be easy to register a similar service and advertise it in yellowpages and through the internet. Whenever clients call, one only needs to hire employees by the hour or by the day and serve the clients. This business will require almost no capital.


Rick said...

That easy huh? Well maybe so, but i have a few comments...
Its not just about registering a moving service. Since moving requires transportation of household goods special permits and licensing is required. New moving trucks cost around $25,000 and up... way up. Or you can buy a used truck, but expect to pay a few hundred dollars to have it inspected and repaired because believe me used trucks will more than not require it.

Moving equipment. Well, yes you can save money and buy a regular dolly, only to find out later that to move appliances such as refrigerators required a heavy duty appliance dolly. Four wheel dollies, sure they are at your local Home Depot, but oh look, no bearings, you definitely want to have dollies with bearings, heavy duty 4 wheel dollies, smooth as buttah!

Then hmm, must provide furniture pads if the competition is doing it. How much are furniture pads? 200 a dozen average? less quality, lower price, and vice versa. Oh and constant purchasing of supplies all depending on how good the quality of your service will be. After all there ARE companies out there that aim low, and are satisfied with their "clientèle".

Ohh and my favorite, how DOES one find good, reliable workers in the snap of a finger??
Everyone and anyone is willing to work, you are right. But what kind of work are they giving you? Some just aren't meant to be in that field, but yes, they are willing. Again, like the quality dollies, furniture pads, service, reliability with both; showing up and on time (depending on how far your looking to go) and the truck not breaking down on you (back to where we started, buy a used or new truck?).

Workers Comp - Not cheap.

A not so pleasant amount of paper work to get started.

And the most important. Are you alone, is someone helping, can you trust them? Is it an educated partnership or based on friendship?

Truth is YOU will probably have to do a few... quite a few jobs yourself. When people are looking for a job they will say anything to at least work once. Again, your right there are many out there. Who will teach how to move furniture safely?

Advertising... this is the fun stuff... getting the name out there, one add on the internet wont do the trick. In todays world word of mouth isn't enough alone, just passing business cards and fliers can target the wrong audience. Research must be done for advertising or hire professionals, money again.

Website, a must have, but can one really be jack of all trades? Probably not, hiring a web creator can cost you... again depending on quality

oh and take into account monthly fees for phone, credit card fees, and other misc expenses.

If you are looking to start a moving service. You will be needed more than you think. Especially if your on it alone.

BPO.Asia said...

Hi Rick!

Starting small makes it a lot easier. The items that you described are for the established firms, something that a beginner can initially avoid. The truck and dolly for one, can be rented.

As for the clients, one can start with friends, relatives and neighbors. Just list their requirements and find out if you can do it. By starting small, one need not compete with everybody and choose the small deals.

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