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I have written before that the idea of a home based travel agency is not at all farfetched. With much of the bookings being done online, all that you have to do is get accredited as a sales agent of a legitimate travel agency and offer excellent travel deals via a website. Marketing can be done through emails to friends. You may also request them to forward your promo announcements to their friends. You may also ask them for referrals. Offline, all you have to do is prepare small mini brochures and fliers and distribute it during your PTA meetings, neighborhood gatherings, etc. The advantage of this kind of business is the low monthly overhead therefore requiring minimal sales volume for the home based entrepreneur. Just like the offline travel agencies, your reputation should develop over time and your clients will increase. Just remember to align yourself with a legit and good travel agency. The rest should follow. Neat isn’t it.


james said...

nice post. Others just blog about their travel and put "travel affiliates" on their write-ups then they can start earning money.

more power!
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John said...
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BPO.Asia said...

I like James' comment and the link goes back to his blog which is not charging anything in return for his tips.

As for John's comment, I feel the need to delete it. I am not comfortable with work at home opportunities that charges joining/ entry fees.

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