I am posting this in response to a visitor who left a comment regarding low adsense income. I know that the blog receives a lot of visitors so I looked at her blog and tried to analyze it. In the process, I realized that several updates made my site Adsense inefficient and therefore needs a revamp, as soon as possible.

As we all know, Adsense puts ads into our site as soon as we've inserted a code that they create specifically for us. As soon as people click on our ads, Adsense pays us money. Our income potential is limited only to the number of clicks that our site visitors make. There are lots of bloggers that make thousands of dollars from adsense. Pinoymoneytalk for instance, makes apprioximately $2,000/month from it, shoemoney makes a lot more, the richtwinpoortwin used to make about $200,ooo from it, etc, etc..

Here's a couple of effective Adsense tricks:
  1. Put as many as possible in a page: You are allowed 3 adsense ads/page. the more possible clickable ads, the better chances you have..
  2. Choose the most visible layout: The optimal size for ads on top or bottom of the posts is the 250 x 250 and the bigger size next to it.
  3. Tighten your blog: Limit the number of posts per page. If you write long articles. Make sure to have only one or two posts in a page. The trick is in having an adsense ad as close to the blog post as possible. The secret is in having the ads very visible and close to your post so the readers will read it. If they can read it, there's a good chance that they will find an ad worth clicking.
Good luck!


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