You can do this even if you have a full time job. It will improve your writing ability and help you make money on the side. Theoretically, you can make tons of money even if you devote only 30 minutes/day to blogging. Let WORK AT HOME 101 walk you through the initial process.

1. Choose a favorite topic. Start a blog and name it accordingly. There's and which hosts free blogs.

3. Start writing (90 ~ 300 words per post). Beyond 300 words, your post will be snubbed by the readers. I am quite guilty when it comes to breaking this rule.

4. Update your blog everyday. Readers will stop visiting your blog if they find old posts in it. Research through the internet and post something.

5. After a few weeks, enroll in advertising programs. A lot of people eventually ends up earning thousands of dollars/month only from Adsense ads.

I'm having difficulty posting the adsense links in this post but check the adsense button at the sidebar of this blog, click on it, and you will be led to the sing up page.

Click the button (below) to enroll in bidvertiser's ad program. Don't forget to sign up as a publisher.

6. Advertisements will appear in your blog and whenever your readers click on the ads, you will make money.

Eventually, you will learn new things such as how to drive more traffic into your blog, how to maximize earnings and countless other opportunities but for the meantime, start your blog.

WORK AT HOME 101 will be regularly updated. Stay tuned to this site.


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Design by Dzelque Blogger Templates 2008