Job Hazards

Working from home, I look out the window and remembered view that I saw when I looked out as a kid. We were then living beside a huge printing facility and the roof was made of asbestos tiles. I knew that it was made of asbestos because there was once a repair of the roof and the people who replaced the broken tiles told us that it was made of asbestos. I am not sure if the repair people used protective gears but if they did not, some of them may be sick with mesothelioma by now.

Some jobs are risky without people knowing it. Exposure to harmful elements may happen intentionally or unintentionally but it does happen. Like in blogging from home, for instance, prolonged exposure to computer keys can cause carpal tunnel syndrome of tendonitis. This is in addition to what everybody knows as blurred vision, as a result of staring into a computer screen for prolonged periods. Working from home is not as safe as what most of us initially believed. Every job has a corresponding hazard. Some are more glaring and some are almost invisible.


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