For those who work at home, this home based job/ business opportunity is for everyone who have the patience and discipline to conduct research and write in return for a pre-agreed amount of payment on a per page basis. Based on the work from home opportunities that I have observed within the past month, the rate ranges from $5~20/page.

All writing currently supports the following payment methods:
  • Paypal (
  • Western Union (
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • E-Gold (
  • Xoom (
  • MoneyBookers (
  • StormPay (
  • WebMoney (
To look for similar opportunities search this site using the keywords, "academia research" and "writing". You may also manually search through the categories or go page per page. I sometimes forget to tag my posts.

For everybody else, I have probably listed a hundred home based business and job opportunities, all of which are FREE.

There is absolutely NO FEE required.

keep the faith, work at home/work from home! There's money in it!


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Design by Dzelque Blogger Templates 2008