One client has a number of blogs and therefore needs writers to write articles for him.

I am therefore helping him search for bloggers who will write articles along the areas of Offshore banking, business and finance.

If you write well in English, please send an email with the following details:
  1. SUBJECT: Please specify the position that you are applying for (example: blogger for offshore banking blog)
  2. Please attach your resume. Don't get scared, we don't discriminate based on school or educational attainment.
  3. Please include one or 2 samples of your work. If it is published in a website or print media, please include the url or publication details.
  4. SEND IT TO: bpo . asia @ gmail . com

PAYMENT: Will be on a per article basis. Other details will be discussed once your application is shortlisted.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: We receive a number of emails so please help us by being very clear in the header of your emails. How do you think will we feel if your mail simply says, "looking for a job that pays well"? Common, we sort your letters and forward it to the concerned parties and being very clear in the subject of your email makes it a lot easy for us to help you.



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Design by Dzelque Blogger Templates 2008