While browsing through an online forum, I stumbled upon a question about GET PAID TO DRIVE schemes that are being advertised.

Get paid to drive works in the following manner:
  1. A vehicle registers its regular route to an advertising company.
  2. The advertising company matches the route with a prospective advertiser.
  3. Once the appropriate route and vehicle is matched with the advertisers' requirements, the vehicle is then beautifully wrapped with advertisements.
  4. Whenever the wrapped vehicle is on the road, people sees it and the advertisement starts to work.
In some cases, people without drivers are provided with vehicles for such purposes. Here are some companies and listings of firms that provide such opportunities:
  1. Autocar Wraps
  2. Free Car Company
  3. Free Car Index
  4. The Free car
  5. For Free cars
  6. Ad Smart
  7. Ads on Wheels
  8. Companies that pay you to drive
  9. AutoBoards (UK)
  10. Ad Wraps

I hope to have been of help.


Seej said...

It's really cool to know how advertising has evolved. Driving a car for free and getting paid of doing them is quite a nice idea. I hope it could also be offered here in the philippines. BPO Asia has really helped a lot. Keep it up guys. Cj

BPO.Asia said...

Thanks for the good words, Seej.

I have seen cars like these going around Manila. Just a bit of research and you'll find it.

May I suggest that you start asking the ad agencies.

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